Guinness 1759 Amber Ale


Guinness is known for their very secretive recipe and world renowned stout. Before Guinness was a empire of stout, their brewmaster had been known for his amber ale, which is brewed with some peated bourbon malts, to make this amber ale stand out from the crowd.
      The aroma fills your nostrils with sweet bourbon. Usually you can pick out a few other flavors, in this beer the bourbon malt is the star.
      The appearance is a deep mahogany, capped with a medium white head. Darker than most amber ales, the darker color would come from the bourbon malts.
       The taste, like most beers, is what will separate this glass from a sink pour or something has you looking for more once you drain your glass. The taste is a bourbon assault on your taste buds that mellows quickly, giving way to a recognizable bready, caramel amber ale.
       The Mouthfeel is very thin, and incredibly smooth. Nothing lingers longer than it should, instead it leaves you wanting another sip.
     Overall this beer makes me sad that I don’t have more for the future. The 9 percent abv leaves me smiling with a nice buzz. I’m going to go search high and low looking for more of this.

5 out of 5 stars


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