Update on beer life.

Hello! It’s been roughly ten months since I’ve blogged about anything, and this is my first post that is not strictly a beer review. Considering so much time has passed, I figured I’d update you the reader, and let you know what directions I’m heading in and what to be looking out for as far as my beer reviews/ videos go.

    I will be resuming the beer reviews on this blog as of this week. Not only will I be reviewing beer but for the next few weeks I will be pairing Halloween candy with local ( Mid-Atlantic) beers so that you are ready for the trick or treat night. 

   I’m addition to writing, I have started to do short video reviews of beers. Be easy on me, believe it or not I’m very self conscious about being on camera. You can follow the videos on YouTube, here is the link https://youtu.be/Mg9B__87-m4 or just search for the channel by name “shortpours”.

 I have recently gone back to work full time. I have a ton of time to think while driving all over MD and VA, and I’ve come to realize how much I want to be in the beer industry.  I am currently working on studying to become a certified cicerone, which is like a sommelier for beer. The tests are incredibly hard and half a very low pass rate. Currently there are only 1200 certified cicerone in the world, and only 21 In Maryland. 

  I plan to take the test in April of 2017 if I feel like I’m ready, this puts a ton of pressure on me, but I feel it will be worth it. Not only will my reviews get better, but it will drastically improve my chances of getting good a job in a field I love.

  Thank you for continuing to read my crazy beer rants and putting up with my obsessions! I look forward to all the posts and videos to come!


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