Abbey Dubbel and Skittles

Skittles and beer? Surprisingly a very complimentary pairing! 

The Beer

Flying fish Abbey Dubbel is dark reddish, almost brown in color. It smells like caramel, and toffee. There’s very little carbonation, and almost no head. When you take a sip you get string flavors of stone fruits and fig. Raisin, plums, and dark cherry are the dominant flavors, and they coexist perfectly with the caramel sweetness from the malts. 

The Pairing 

Skittles are little sugar bombs infused with artificial fruit flavors. This style beer and skittles compliment each other magnificently.  The citrus flavored skittles are accentuated by the beer, while the cherry and grape flavored skittles help make the beer shine. The absence of a strong hop flavor helps marry the candy and beer. 


If you like citrus, try this pairing. It also helps that Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel has a high abv of 7.2% . In my own personal opinion, the beer is good, but paired with artifical flavored sugar bombs (skittles) , it really shines! Drink responsibly, and have a great Halloween!


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